Wealth Masters Club Updates

by Coert Coetzee

Important Updates

It's a huge pleasure for me to announce a lot of new and exciting upgrades and changes. I trust you are going to love all the new things!


Log in on www.WealthMastersClub.com and take a look at the new Home Page. We've tried to make it as user friendly as possible. You can now immediately see all the links and it will be much easier to go to your favourite pages!

Only Ambassadors of the Wealth Masters Club will be able to access all the links on the Home Page, but all other levels of membership and visitors will at least be able to see the links on which they have no access. It means you will be able to see what you're missing out on!

I assume all of you will aspire to upgrade to Platinum Elite and Ambassador status. You will not regret it. The Wealth Mastery System, established in 1996, created more millionaires than any other system on this planet.

Scroll down for the exciting stuff!


As you may know, Platinum / Platinum Elite Members always receive discounts on most of our products and services. As from 1 August, we replaced the discounts with a Loyalty Point application. 

What does it mean for existing members? Don't worry, your payment amount remains unchanged. The system will automatically apply your Loyalty Points and update your Loyalty Points balance in your wallet. If you don't want your points to be applied automatically, you can change it to “manual” in your wallet settings.


1 LP = 1 ZAR

Will you have enough points for all the discounts? YES! As from 1 August 2019, our Loyalty Points allocation will be as follows:

New Platinum Elite Members receive 7,000 LPs on joining or upgrading.

For every new trust you set up with us, you receive 1,000 LPs on registration of the trust.

All Platinum / Platinum Elite Members get 530 LPs per month. With the Platinum Elite fee of R530 per month, it means you get equal value back, every month!

Ambassadors get 7,000 LPs per month.

In short, you will have more points than you can use for the products – so what do you do with the extra points? Use it to subsidise seminar fees for yourself, family and friends. Let the sun shine on them as well!



1 CU = R1.31 at the moment

All existing and new Platinum Elite Members who referred four or more new Platinum Elite Members to us will, from the 1 August, get their entire monthly fee of R530 credited to their CU accounts where it can be redeemed for cash as per our Terms and Conditions.

The capital on the CU accounts are invested on your behalf in, among others, student accommodation, the hospitality industry, the armed response industry, renewable energy companies, crypto currencies, gold, etc. Returns are excellent and that's the reason why we boast with more than 30% growth per annum at the moment!


At the moment, if you are a Chartered Wealth Master, you get one Freedom Seat to a seminar in your chosen area. As from 1 August you get one more! Yes, you get two 100% free seats to a Wealth Masters Seminar in your area.

The “use it or lose it” condition remains unchanged. You have to use at least one of the seats every time to retain this benefit.


As from 1 August, all new Ambassadors must be graduates of the Wealth Mastery Online Course. Existing Ambassadors who still did not do the course, will have until the end of August to complete it successfully.


In future, we will have regular Ambassador Training sessions. The first one is on the 7th of August from 10:00-12:00 at the Mount Edgecombe Country Club in Durban. Only Platinum / Platinum Elite members who completed the Wealth Mastery System Online course may attend the training. See the booking details on www.WealthMastersClub.com.


In future, the Gold and Crypto presentations will not be part of the Wealth Masters Seminar anymore. It will be a separate event at the same venue starting 30 minutes after the Wealth Masters seminar. People only interested in Gold or Crypto can book separately for this event. See the booking details on www.WealthMastersClub.com.


The once-off Ambassador commission of R250 per new Platinum Elite Member has been increased to R500.

Thereafter, you get the normal binary commission of 25% on the commissionable amount every month. In my opinion, the most stable and trustworthy passive income you can earn on this planet!

Ambassadors can now also earn a once-off commission on referrals to Destinata Capital Ltd., our 12J Venture Capital Company where all investments are 100% tax deductible. As an Ambassador, you can earn 2% of any amount invested in the company by your referrals. Destinata Capital will always ask their new clients where they heard about them, and if it's from you, you'll be compensated for your effort. Please watch this video and forward it to your friends: https://youtu.be/iO97ELuEsHU

The company's recurring management fee income from Destinata Capital is also now added to the Commissionable Amount, where you as Ambassador can earn recurring commission up to 25% of it from the binary system every month. Getting paid twice, every month, for the same effort!


If you need more information on the offerings above, go to the Home Page of www.WealthMastersClub.com where you can easily “navigate” to all the different opportunities. If you still need assistance, please send an email to services@WealthMastersclub.com


Coert Coetzee

Founder and CEO of the Wealth Masters Club

Established in 1996