It's Time to Duplicate

by Coert Coetzee

I'm looking for two people whom I can mentor personally. Let me tell you more ...

In 1996 I founded the Wealth Mastery System and Club.

The Wealth Mastery System is about creating huge cashflow and wealth with property in specialised trusts. It's also about the effective crash-proofing and tax-proofing of any portfolio or business. 

With more than 650,000 followers, Wealth Masters Club is one of the biggest investor clubs in the world! 


For decades, I personally trained club members in South Africa, Australia and Namibia in the correct use of the system. However, since I'm growing older and the demand for our product is growing bigger, I've decided it's time to 'clone' myself and duplicate the training system. Therefore, in the next few years my focus will be on training other trainers to do what I did. After training they will be able to teach members the Wealth Mastery ways as well as training other trainers to do the same. It's called duplication!


Wealth Masters Club is not just an investor club, it is also a very effective Network Marketing company, promoting services like:

-          Investor Education 

-          Trustee Services

-          Accounting

-          Property Sales and

-          Property Management 

Wealth Mastery is not competing with other Network Marketing businesses, it is only supporting and protecting them from creditors and tax collectors.

In short: All networkers should be part of the Wealth Masters business. The Compensation plan is excellent and the product is undisputedly the best of its kind in the world. 


We have two vacancies for Network Marketing Professionals working full-time or part-time from home in the following areas:

-          Western Cape

-          Gauteng

Job description:
Recruiting and Training of new Wealth Masters.

The successful candidate will get a favourable position in our Binary Tree with more than 30,000 Cycle Points, worth more than R120,000 on the Strong Leg, as a starter bonus.


A  Monthly Recurring, Residual Commission of 25% on our Binary System and once-off Commissions as per our excellent Compensation Plan. See detail in our Terms and Conditions on 

We will provide full Product Training, Support, Lead Capturing System and Marketing Material.

Minimum Qualifications and Application:
Experienced Network Marketing Professionals, older than 25 with a proven successful track record of more than two years with Binary Systems in Direct Sales or Network Marketing, can send their CV's with supportive documentation like ID's, award certificates and their last three-months commission statements to