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Platinum Members who are using our trust and accounting services and completed the Online Course can request to be chartered as a Wealth Master at a Wealth Masters Seminar.

Chartered Wealth Masters qualify automatically for a free FREEDOM SEAT on all Wealth Masters Seminars for as long as they are Chartered Wealth Masters.

It means they get one free seat on every Wealth Masters full day seminar in their pre-chosen area where seminars are presented, which are Gauteng, Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal. 

There is only one condition. The seat must be used on every Wealth Masters seminar in your area. The Wealth Master does not have to use it in person. You can send somebody else if you wish. The “use it or lose it” rule applies. If your Freedom Seat is not used, you lose it immediately. To replace a “lost” seat will cost the standard ticket price without a discount. 

Treasure your FREEDOM SEAT and make sure you never lose it. It's the ticket to FINANCIAL FREEDOM for you and your friends. By using it you'll ...



... and then 


Last week one of our members, Tim, wrote to me and said the following: “Hi Coert, you say salaries can be 100% tax-free with the Wealth Mastery System, but last year I paid more tax on my salary than the previous year. Destinata is my accountant. Do they not know how to make it tax-free or am I doing something wrong?”

My response was this: “Firstly, you must attend our seminars regularly and read our newsletters to be up to date with new products and methods and how to use them. Secondly, you must apply the methods. Then, lastly, you must provide Destinata with the documentation they need to claim the tax benefits.”

The 12J VCC which we teach at seminars, wrote many articles about and even made several videos about it too, is the best method to reduce tax on a salary. It's not an accounting product, it's an investment product. The investment is 100% tax deductible.

When you invest in a 12J, the VCC issues you with a tax certificate which you have to hand to your Destinata accountant. Destinata knows how to apply it in your tax calculations and returns. 

The lesson here is this: Unless YOU make the 12J investment, and unless YOU provide the accountant with the tax certificate, YOU will not get any tax relieve!

By the way, 12J deductions can be 100% of your taxable salary opposed to pension fund contributions where the tax deduction is limited to 27.5% of the taxable salary.

However, none of our wonderful tax-saving products and methods will magically and instantly take your tax away just because Destinata is your accountant. Yes, the Wealth Mastery System will definitely make you 100% tax-free, but only if you get on it and stay on it!

Just as the System is not a “get rich quick” system, it is not a “get tax-free quick” system. It's a “GET RICH AND TAX-FREE FOR SURE” system!


When you wait for another person or a service provider to plan and implement your financial future, you are financially ignorant and you will definitely become the victim of the so-called registered Financial Advisory Industry. The consequences will be a mediocre life and a struggling retirement, dependent on the government or your family!


Helping you to become financially savvy is what the WEALTH MASTERY SYSTEM is about. All you have to do is to ACTIVELY participate. Attend our seminars, do our online course, read our articles, join our Facebook support groups and watch our videos. Hundreds of members are doing it and are hugely successful. Read their testimonials on our website.

The system is undoubtedly a proven successful system. It works, but it's still up to you to achieve success with it. You, and only you, are the master of your own destiny, and it can be a fantastic tax and financially free destiny, but then you'll have to take charge of the journey to that destination.


With our loyalty points and specials anybody can afford to attend each and every seminar ... every time!

If Tim did, he would've known very quickly what he or Destinata were “doing wrong”, if anything ...

Start living the Wealth Mastery LIFESTYLE!

If you start teaching the system and the lifestyle to your own contacts, like I started doing 22 years ago and like our ambassadors are doing on an ongoing basis, you become the system.  Educating others is the best way to learn. Try it.

Nothing stops you from even doing your own presentations in your area. We'll help you and we pay top commissions!

Whatever you do, always apply the principle of RECIPROCITY. 

“Reciprocity” is the practice of exchanging things, like wealth creation secrets for example, with others for mutual benefit.

See you on the next seminar ...

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P.S. Don't defy the practice of reciprocity ... bring a friend!