Don't get sucked in

by Coert Coetzee


Recently it came to my attention that some of our members are getting suckered into unaccredited services, products and projects by accredited and unaccredited service providers.
For this reason, it's necessary to again make 100% sure what Wealth Masters Club approve of. It's not just essential for new members to know about this, but also for old members to be reminded again. I'm not going to give you a list of unaccredited service providers, products and services. Instead, I'm going to give you a list of what is accredited - then you know anything that is not on the list is unaccredited. I'm also not saying all unaccredited projects are dangerous, but I can definitely say some of them are!
You will find a full list of all our accredited service providers, products and services on our website (, at the “Quick Links” link on the Home Page, and in our Online Course.
Our Wealth Mastery Online Course (click here after logging on to the website) is a full manual about how to use our system, products, services and service providers.
Even though I'm not going to go into full detail in this article, I want to point out the basic accredited strategy regarding the trending misperceptions at the moment.
We are NOT trading with crypto or gold in any way. We approve only accredited bitcoin mining through Galaxy Lifestyle and BitClub, and gold saving through Karatbars International. We also accredited the multilevel referral systems of these companies. The accreditation was only granted after a high level due diligence exercise was successfully completed in 2015 by my lawyers and accountants. It was only done on the services, products and systems they had in 2015.
No other product or service of these companies, if any, were ever accredited by us and nor have we received a request to do so after 2015.
Applied knowledge is power. As a Platinum / Platinum Elite Member of our club you have full access to all our knowledge. Applying it is your duty!
Best regards,
Coert Coetzee