Money for Your Referrals

How to recruit members

You're welcome to use our Lead Capturing System (LCSystem) to build your own network.

With us, subject to our Terms & Conditions, everybody gets paid a recruitment commission and members share in our turnover too!


Commissionable Amount

Our commissionable amount is based on a weighted average pool sharing system. The accounted monthly turnover of Treoc Holdings, two months in arrears, excluding Upgrading Fees, will be the Commission Pool.

The Commission Pool includes the following products and services income amongst others:

  • Membership Fees (excluding upgrading fees, if any)
  • Seminars
  • Financial Advice
  • Trust Management
  • Accounting
  • Property Sales
  • Property Management
  • Financing
  • Refinancing
  • Forex Trading
  • Bitcoin Mining
  • Gold Promotions


The Compensation Plan

It's a Binary System cycling on every 25 points on both legs.

Multiple cycles can be achieved every month.

A cycle pays 25% of the Commissionable Amount.

See the Terms and Conditions for full detaill.



The commission amount will be paid to the Ambassador on the 15th of every month, should this date fall on a public holiday/weekend the payment will be processed on the first working day thereafter.

If an Ambassador does not qualify for the commission, or fails to submit his/her invoice before the 7th, the month's commission will be forfeited.


Your Next Step

Click on the Terms and Conditions for full detail regarding our conditions, referral commissions, procedures and the links to our referral systems to get started!