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To get all of the incredible benefits of being a Wealth Masters member, you must sign up today.

Your monthly membership fee of R562 will entitle you to a FREE consultation (to the value of R1749) with one of our highly-skilled Wealth Officers. They will assist you in looking at your current portfolio and structure a plan to protect your wealth and family for generations to come, while also preparing you to become a highly-successful property investor.

Once you have had a consultation with your dedicated Wealth Officer they will provide you with a personalised Wealth Mastery Trust Structure plan to suit your needs, which will include a FREE FAMILY TRUST SETUP (to the value of over R12,000). But wait, it gets even better. When you appoint our Trust Accountants on your new Family Trust, we will reduce your monthly Wealth Masters membership fee to ZERO, saving you R562 per month!

That is a total saving of almost R19,000*
*terms and conditions apply


Just click on the link above to complete the sign-up process, or call us during office hours at (0)21 851 2730 for more assistance. Our highly-skilled staff, Wealth Officers and Service Providers will assist you all the way!

This will undoubtedly be the best investment of your life, so be prepared for spectacular returns on this investment.

Wealth Mastery Online Course

If you are not 100% satisfied after your consultation with our Wealth Officer, then you can request a full refund of your membership fee, no questions asked – valid for 30 days after signing up.



Members can redeem their Club Units in cash if they wish.
(Terms and Conditions apply)

By joining our exclusive INVESTOR CLUB, Est.1996, you are investing in yourself. You will get access to the ancient secrets and methods of the real rich.

In addition to the multitude of benefits listed below, you will also get services to the value of almost R19,000 at no cost just by signing up today. Scroll to the bottom of this page for more info.

Our Wealth Mastery Events will teach you how to purchase houses with other people's money, as well as utilising tenants for the purpose of repayment. You will also learn how to protect and manage this wealth directly in a specialised Trust structure.

Platinum Elite Members get FULL ACCESS to the following BENEFITS:

Professionally Registered Team

Access to a professionally registered team of Wealth Officers, Trust Lawyers, Accountants and Estate Agents who will help and guide you every step of the Wealth Mastery process

Discounted Professional Fee

As long as you're a Wealth Masters Club member, you will receive a discount, equal to the Platinum Elite monthly membership fee, on the monthly administration cost for your first Trust with Treasury Trust Services (TTS) and Destinata Accounting Services.

Wealth Mastery Online Course

Access to our exclusive Online Course - This format is a complete, in-depth overview of the “Wealth Masters Way”. It covers ALL aspects of the famous WEALTH MASTERY SYSTEM in detail. The volume of the course is the size of an average size book. You can complete it in your own time and receive a graduation certificate on completion. Graduates of the online course are eligible for an invitation to join our exclusive “insiders circle” of Wealth Masters.

Powerful Property Refinancing Methods

Access to Powerful Property Refinancing Methods giving R.O.I. of more than 60% per annum over the medium- to long-term

Online Investor Software

Unlimited access to our proprietary Online Investor Software. Successful property planning and refinancing are not possible without our software. It is the only refinancing software in the world

Everlasting Specialised Trust Structures

Access to Everlasting Specialised Trust Structures to protect your wealth from hostile creditors and executors. The Wealth Masters Club, established in 1996, is one of the world's biggest Inter Vivos Discretionary Trust operators.

Legally approved tax avoidance methods

Access to SARS-approved tax avoidance methods for salary earners, entrepreneurs, farmers and investors. Members can pay as little as zero tax!

Offshore Trust & Permanent Residency in Mauritius

We will assist with establishing and administrating offshore Trust and permanent residency in Mauritius.

Club Units

As of 1 September 2020, a portion of your monthly membership fee is paid back to members through Club Units every month!
Members can redeem their Club Units in cash if they wish.
(Terms and Conditions apply)

Free Legal Advice

Members will have access to Free Legal Advice. If you ever have a legal problem and don't know what to do, email law@wealthmastersclub.com. Our in-house legal team will evaluate your situation and advise you on what to do next or which law firm to consult for further assistance if necessary.

Exclusive property access

Members will have the first option for the ideal investment properties. You are now at the top of the pecking order. Members are informed about new property launches and exclusive deals long before other investors even become aware of them, if ever, because our members usually buy all of the new stock.

Access to Lead Capturing System

Access to our state-of-the-art lead capturing and affiliate marketing programs

Affiliate Referral System

Access to the Affiliate Referral System. Our members are welcome to participate in our referral program and receive money for their referrals. With the continuous growth of social media and the marketing possibilities it offers, this benefit is highly sought after by networkers. We have members earning thousands every month with the affiliate program.

Free Newsletter

The TIMES, our weekly newsletter, started in 2003, has more readers than most mainstream publications. It keeps members updated with expert legal, accounting and property news.

The proven wealth creation system

In short: a membership will give you full access to a Proven Wealth Creation System, and it keeps our members financially educated and informed more than most other investors!

Bullion Masters

Access to the exclusive platform for investing or trading silver at some of the best prices in the industry. See www.BullionMasters.com

Business Masters Network

Access to a well-organised platform where our members with businesses help each other with unlimited referrals and recommendations. See www.BusinessMastersNetwork.com