Wealth Mastery Events


At the Wealth Masters Club, we strive to educate as many people as possible about the best alternative to the old and "useless" pension schemes and estate planning.

Our methods teach ordinary people how they can build and protect their wealth for generations through property investment, specialised Trust structures and tax-saving processes that most South Africans are blissfully unaware of.

Our method of creating true financial freedom is very controversial. It strongly discourages the old pension products and saving plans sold by the financial institutions. We also show you that not all debt is wrong and how you can make money with the correctly structured debt.

We host FREE online training sessions in English and Afrikaans weekly, which you can stream at any point over the weekend. We also host full-day in-person Wealth MastersClasses with our Founder, Coert Coetzee, which covers every aspect of our training in full detail. If you enjoyed our online webinar, we strongly recommend registering for one of our full-day events.

To book or to find out more about each event, visit the link of your choice below: