The Wealth Mastery Online Course

This format of the WEALTH MASTERY COURSE is the most complete of all the versions in which the course is available. It covers ALL aspects of the famous WEALTH MASTERY SYSTEM in detail. The volume of the course is the size of an average size book. Students can complete it in their own time and receive a graduation certificate on completion. Graduates are eligible for invitation to join our Secret Insider Circle of Wealth Master.

Platinum Elite Members have full access to the course + updates.

Chapter 1


Chapter 2

Basics of the Wealth Mastery System

Chapter 3


Chapter 4

Building the Right Team

Chapter 5

The Ultimate Business Structure

Chapter 6

The Double Trust Structure

Chapter 7

Understanding Trusts

Chapter 8

The Taxation of Trusts

Chapter 9

Moving Assets into Trusts

Chapter 10

The Best Way to Wealth Creation

Chapter 11

Understanding the Property Market

Chapter 12

Building the Money-Making Machine

Chapter 13

The Technical Side of Purchasing Property

Chapter 14

Financing and Refinancing Your Property

Chapter 15

Managing a Portfolio

Chapter 16

Investor Software